Manifesto And Welcome

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Welcome to Future Fe+male. We are a community promoting everyday equality for social change. Empowering humans with everyday language to reframe thinking around habitual sexism, conscious or otherwise.  Through positive actions and behaviours we aim to inspire Future Fe+males everywhere.



Future Fe+male launched in July 2017 to empower fe+males to use their voice in pursuit of everyday equality. We are taking action against habitual sexism by particularly for women and girls, providing tools so they can respond to the everyday conversations that are so often peppered with unconscious and conscious sexism. And for men and boys so they are able to embrace emotion and vulnerability.

Reframing thinking around everyday language and rhetoric that respects all humans is essential for social change to improve everyday life for humans everywhere.


Founder Deborah Campbell is a sustainable fashion designer and consultant, lecturer in marketing at Winchester School of Art and equality campaigner.

The Journey so far, by Deborah Campbell

deborah campbell IMG_2593
Deborah Campbell – photo by Tamsyn Warde

The big ‘why’ for launching this platform has manifested since its inception in July 2017, essentially because I didn’t know the real ‘why’ at the time. It’s been a winding journey of several lightbulb moments.  Its personal, and multifaceted and I am still working through it.  What I can share now is an insight to the journey thus far :


I wanted to give previously unheard voices a safe space to speak, to be heard. What I realised was the previously unheard voice was my own. I wanted women to stop feeling oppressed and powerless in everyday situations, that woman was me.  I wanted to help women stand up and say that’s not right, that woman was me. I acknowledged after #MeToo that the bullying and sexual harassment I’d had to deal with for 5 years from a previous male business partner actually happened.  Acknowledging it and was the next step. By packing it away neatly as ‘something that just happened’, I’d denied it happened to me.


When the Huffington Post contacted me after #MeToo, I made a video about the situation not being right, but I skirted around it. On the first anniversary of #MeToo I was asked by Stylist Magazine to discuss how I felt a year on. Another lightbulb moment. I finally got in tune with my frequency and started to really listen to myself. I was the one I’d been waiting for, to hear me and take notice of what I had to say. And by really listening and taking on board what happened to me over those five years, meant that I made myself feel worthy that I have a voice, that I matter. And that I have something to say and by goodness I’m just getting started.


This is ‘why’ Future Fe+male exists because I want to help others get in touch with their frequency so they can really listen to themselves. to stand up, to be included and to live without fear of oppression and control.


The future Fe+male we wish to see in the world is inclusive and part of human evolution.

Get involved, share your vision and action.  We would love to hear from anyone who wants to guest blog for the blog series.



What Does Future Female Mean to you?
I am super grateful to Anna Cascarina, Anniki Sommerville, Nicola St Louis, and Antonia Sanchez Toomey, for telling us what Future Female means to them, the early adopters of the Future Female series, filmed in 2017.


At Future Fe+male, we love a ‘Future Thinker’. Many of which are female, but not exclusively so. Here you can find key thinkers to get inspired by from a variety of backgrounds. Laura Bates brilliant TedX talk and her platform ‘Everyday Sexism’ paved the way for the work we are doing now.