Triple Melt – This weeks Future Female x 3

We are super excited to bring you not 1, but 3 Wonder women in the form of ‘triplemelt’. triplemelt is a new lifestyle site brought to you by 3 industry insiders. From the world of fashion, beauty and books, Ashling McCloy, Robyn Upton and Ali Harris, bring you stylish content in easy bite-sized 3 minute posts.


FF: Can you tell us a bit about your backgrounds?

TM: triplemelt is a lifestyle site specialising in fashion, beauty & books, which is reflective of our backgrounds. Ashling is a style editor and presenter and has spent many years working for leading glossy magazines and tv channels, Robyn is a beauty PR and has worked on top accounts like L’Oreal, and Nails Inc and Ali is a best-selling author and journalist who has also worked on the country’s biggest mags.


FF: Why did you start triplemelt?

TM: Each of us are dedicated to our individual professions, but we were looking for a new outlet for our creativity, a more flexible way of working and, with backgrounds in print journalism, we were ready to embrace a new way of working. We wanted to own our time and produce something that truly belonged to us, but we didn’t want to do it alone – so we decided to build it as a team. What started as a distant dream conceived over (one too many!) glasses of rosé in the Portuguese sun quickly transformed into a reality. Our commitment is to deliver every post within a 3 minute time frame – because the one thing our readers value most (and have little of!) is time.



FF: What does Future Female mean to you?

TM: For us Future Female is working hard to set standards that our children will benefit from. Putting in the groundwork so the next generation can simply LIVE female. We want our kids to believe in whatever dream they want to follow; to be who they want to be.


FF: Do you each have a set creative process specific to your roles?

TM: We’ve each fallen very naturally into our roles – again, down to our backgrounds. Our promise to our time-poor readers is engaging 3 minute reads, so Ali, as an author and writer, helps us deliver on our mantra of keeping our articles as punchy and interesting as possible. Ashling overseas creative content, layouts and social, while Robyn, on top of producing great beauty content, is key networker and our chief pr and organizer.



FF: What do you love about being your own boss?

TM: Being in charge of the creative process, but also knowing that every single challenge we face, we are doing it for ourselves. There’s no greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Also, working our own hours, and creating roles that allow us to be with family and friends.


FF: Can you tell us a bit about your latest project and what inspired you to develop it?

TM: We are working on a number of projects. But all revolve around our theme #fashionbeautybooks and women who constantly inspire us. So we’ll be releasing new video content over the next few months featuring interviews with fascinating people – as ever, in our relaxed format over a cuppa for our #TeaAt3 series of chats. Also, having successfully held a number of networking events, we’re going to begin rolling out ticketed events across the country with talks, readings, styling sessions and beauty treatments. Watch this space.


FF: There is a shift in how and where women work, was it a natural progression for you to got it alone and why? With the rise of small business entrepreneurs, what do you think of this?

TM: Flexible working as a whole is becoming more common and for those balancing family commitments with working commitments, it’s becoming essential. Technology has allowed us more freedom – although also encourages an ‘always on’ culture. The sheer nature of our business means we could easily get swept up and never switch off, so to combat this we are very strict. We started to work on our own terms – so that is exactly what we do. We support each other for downtimes, have Slack bans every weekend, switch off on holiday. A well rounded person is a rested person with life experience – we never forget that.


FF: What is inspiring you right now, whether it be on a personal level or creatively, or may be a particular person?

TM: The women we know, incredible inspiring women, who’ve taken the plunge to launch amazing start-up businesses and enterprises. It takes guts to stop talking and start doing. But also, the people who have stopped listening to society’s pressures and started embracing the things that truly make them feel happy.


FF: If there was one thing you would change about your life as a woman, what would it be?

TM: Women would lose the universal rhetoric of ‘guilt’ associated with combining motherhood and work. We’d be better at believing that whatever we do for our children is enough in a way that seems to come naturally to men.



FF: Are there key messages you are passing onto your children when it comes to gender equality, how important do you think it is to change your story around gender?

TM: We teach our kids openness, honesty and acceptance – in relation to themselves and others. These three values should stand them in good stead to deal with whatever prejudice they might encounter.


FF: What are you reading at the moment?

TM: Ali’s reading ‘Conversations with friends’ by Sally Rooney. It’s like a modern day ‘Tender is the night’ by F Scott Fitzgerald, with sharp wit of Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’.

Ashling’s obessed with historical fiction, in particular the golden years from the ‘20s through to the ‘60s. She’s devouring The Riviera Set by Mary S. Lovell.

Robyn’s reading Philippa Gregory’s Three Sisters Three Queens, the ideal poolside read with plenty of treachery and tragedy.


FF: How would you describe your style?

TM: We are all pretty different. Ali is very much about classic style. She knows how to work French chic with effortless, timeless pieces, often with a trend-led twist. Ashling is a mix of quirky, relaxed style and will mostly be seen printed tees, button up blouses or jumpsuits. Robyn is all about the sexy, glam but claims her wardrobe is a working a progress after her second child – clearing out and strategically rebuilding season by season. Just an excuse to go shopping we reckon 😉


A big thanks to Ashling, Ali and Robyn, for inspiring us with their attitude to work and aspiring to achieve that illusive guilt free, parent/work life balance. Thank you ladies, big gratitude to you all. Do check out their blog for 3 minute features and their TeaAt3 is a must watch all over at  Triplemelt Blog