Mary Wyszomierska – This Week’s Future Female

As part of our Future Female series we are engaging with women across generations.  We are delighted to welcome fashion student, Mary Wysomierska, this weeks Future Female. Mary is studying BA Fashion Marketing at Winchester School of Art and is in her final year. Discover what she feels about being a young female in todays world.

FF: Can you tell us a bit about your background?


MW: I moved to UK from Poland over 2 years ago for university. It was a big step and a brave decision for me but I put my love for fashion first and decided to move countries to get a degree in Fashion Marketing at the University of Southampton. My very first steps in fashion took place at the age of 15 when I set up my own fashion brand with personalized handmade t-shirts. During my high school times and afterwards I participated in many internships to really understand the world of fashion but most of all because I really loved what I was doing. I am soon to be graduating and hopefully landing my dream job in luxury fashion.


FF: What does Future Female mean to you?


MW: In the modern world we have the power and opportunity to speak up and be confident in talking about our feelings and beliefs. Future Female to me is building a worldwide community of inspiring and strong females and passing these values on and creating a better, safer and more equal place for our future children to live in.


I was truly touched and empowered last year when thousands of Polish women and men hit the streets to protest against moves to outlaw all cases of women terminating their pregnancies. Many people I know, celebrities, teenagers and mature citizens all went out to fight for the rights to being able to make their own choices. With the new government and their radical decisions, it really showed that many young Poles want to live in a modern and equal world where they can decide upon their personal lives.


The world now has so many brilliant women speakers for many issues and topics around gender equality and feminism. Emma Watson or Ashley Graham are amongst them but I also strongly believe in “everyday heroes”, women that we know. It’s my mom and grandma, many of my amazing teachers, some of my inspiring bosses, wonderful girlfriends and sister who really encourage me daily to follow my dreams and plans, be a female of action and leave a mark. Empowering others around you and making changes by taking little steps is how everyone can make a great impact.


I was brought up in a family where kindness and being respectful of other people was very important and I believe these are two values that should be more emphasised in the modern world. It really hurts me when I see some men still having no consideration of women, being rude and doing them harm. Future Female is creating the world where all humans are respectful of each other, no matter the gender, age or race.


FF: The recent #MeToo hashtag caught the attention of many women who joined the conversation, what is your view and have you been affected by misogynistic behaviour during your lifetime and is it something you feel comfortable discussing?


MW: Reading about so many brave women speaking up about their experiences really emphasises the need for breaking the taboos and openly talking about said problems. I have experienced unpleasant situations and uncomfortable offers myself and was shocked to find out many of the people I know have been affected by such behaviour. The hashtag definitely has caught a lot of attention and caused a worldwide discussion but I really believe what is needed is action and knowing how to deal with problems like this. There are so many girls and women that have suffered from horrible experiences like rape or sexual assaults of different kinds but what strikes the most is not the severity but the scale of the problem.


FF: Describe your current work/internship/studies and your creative process


MW: At the moment I am trying to balance my final year at university with a part-time job in retail and an internship. I have always loved the feeling of being busy so I can’t imagine it any other way. For almost a year now I have been an intern for an award-winning lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Monica Welburn of The Elgin Avenue. I am responsible for running her social media platforms and have the opportunity of assisting at many ongoing projects, such as conference for small entrepreneurs The Big Small Business cofounded by Miss Welburn herself. I try to keep myself inspired by experiencing as much as I can, travelling, reading about areas of my interest and listening to podcasts.



FF:Can you tell us about a project that is inspiring you at the moment?


MW: I have started thinking about my Final Major Project and I am very excited about merging all of my interests into this final piece. I am also thinking about an event to be created back in my hometown, Warsaw about studying fashion degrees in UK but it’s still a long way to go. There are not many degrees in fashion in Poland and I would love to raise awareness and share my experience in this area. One day, hopefully!



FF:Would you like to become your own boss and what is an ideal career for you?


MW: I like to think about myself as my own boss even now, when I am a student. I have control of my university/work/internship balance and I can choose projects I want to take part in on my own. In the future I definitely see myself as a boss to others, as I am naturally quite a leader. I think working in a team is more fun, with so many different opinions and personalities, it’s never boring. An ideal career for me will be an events organiser for a luxury fashion brand.


FF:What is inspiring you at the moment?


MW: I have gotten into podcasts lately and I have two favourites. First one is Let’s Discuss ( which has been created by my boss and mentor Monica Welburn of The Elgin Avenue and Ella Gregory from Coco’s Tea Party, two lifestyle bloggers and friends. These both incredibly wise and inspiring ladies talk all things life, love, work and wellbeing. Another one I’ve been loving is by Business of Fashion, a platform I visit daily. It features conversations with designers, executives and other industry insiders.



FF: If there was one thing you would change about your life as a woman what would it be?


MW: Never having to apologise or feel ashamed for being intelligent, confident or ambitious.


FF:What are you reading at the moment?


MW: Why Fashion Matters by Frances Corner, Head of London College of Fashion.


FF:How would you describe your style?


MW: Classic and classy. Neutral colours, staple pieces for the day and all things glam for the night.

Thanks so much for being part of our community Mary, we love your answers. Do pop over to Mary’s inspiring instagram feed – Marymers