Is It Sexual Harassment?

The BBC 3 social experiment “Is It Sexual Harassment? Hosted by journalist and presenter Ben Zand in which a group of people come together to try and understand what constitutes sexual harassment, is a must watch. My gut instinct navigated me through the programme with a firm knowing OF what the outcome would be. However, I was shocked by the power of the people’s opinion which made me question my instinct. I don’t want to ruin the process and journey you will go on when you watch it, so I won’t say too much more.

Ben Zand did an excellent facilitation job which made this experiment authentic and shocking. ‘Is It Sexual Harassment’ is a question that should be on the agenda and up for discussion in every home in the land.

If you are in doubt at the outcome of this experiment, I would like to hear your opinion? If you have been effected by sexual harassment as I have, how did it feel to watch this? Would you feel comfortable to share your story?

We are looking for guest bloggers to talk about Everyday habitual sexism and how it can lead to more serious issues. Our podcast is in the planning process and will be tackling the question ‘ Everyday language is peppered with habitual sexism, how has this effected you. If you’d like to bring your voice to the conversation we would love to hear from you.  Email me at Featured Future Female tee-shirt image above is available at our shop link in menu. Photography Karen Baker @karen.e.baker

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