Thanks so much for visiting the Future Female series.  The series is building an inspiring community of women who are tearing up the rulebook to tackle every day gender equality. Women like you who are projecting your positive actions and behaviours to be and inspire the Future Female we would all love to see in the world.


My belief is the female stories we feature will resonate with women across generations, not because we are women’s right campaigners (that’s ok if you are) but because we are Women intent on making a difference to our lives, with the choices we make and the type of person we want to be, and the examples we set for others around us.


My hope for the series is that a collective of stories will promote healthy values and empower women of all ages to go about their daily lives influencing a behaviour change, so that being treated equally in the home, in the workplace and socially is the norm.

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Deborah Campbell – Founder of Deborah Campbell Atelier and Future Female



So what does Future Female mean to me?


As a female I want to be treated equally in everyday life, I believe I have to take action and become the Future Female I wish to be, right now, trying it on for size and living it, in order for equality to manifest. Over the last few years I have recognized misogynistic traits are ingrained in everyday life. The kind that go unspoken, the kind as women, we fall foul of, by ignoring or partaking in, sometimes without realising. This is what I call soft misogyny. Chatter that is in fact all around us on a daily basis. Being the change we wish to see is about changing the small every day behavior that underpins our society.


Every day action includes how we speak to women and girls as well as how women and girls are treated. And just as important, how we act and speak around men and boys. As a mum of a boy, I feel a huge responsibility to bring up the male I wish to see in the world: a boy who knows the value of girls and women, of how he should treat girls and how he should speak to them. A boy who understands that body image should not define a woman. We are human, gender should not define us.


The reason why I have launched Future Female now is partly down to Emma Watson, who stood up in front of the UN, and aside from thinking “wow, how amazing and courageous is she”, and although it was a defining moment in the movement of feminism, I thought we have a long way to go before we can achieve gender equality. The HeForShe campaign is a start and the Emma Watson speech influenced me to be hyper sensitive to the everyday conversation that women are exposed to. And when I really started to listen and observe, I realised we have a mountain still to climb. So in Emma Watson’s words I thought, ‘If not me, who, If not now when?’


Around the same time I listened to the award-winning speech “We Should All Be Feminists” by Chimamanda Nygozi Adichie.


Adichie said her own definition of a feminist is a man or a woman who says,
“Yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today and we must fix it, we must do better.”


This speech was the call to action needed and a must watch. To view you can find it archived in the community section of this blog.


Two other major influences have been Maya Angelou and Oprah Winfrey, role models that I look to for empowerment, light and guidance.


Over the course of this blog series I will be paying homage to some of the Women closer to home that inspire and support my every day development and beliefs.


I think approaching every day misogyny, in as soft a manner as its’ dealt out in, is crucial to adapting behavior. But, if that’s not your style, then go ahead and call it out as you see fit. The more of us taking action, the faster we begin to change our story around gender equality. Training ourselves to be aware of soft misogyny and teaching both our girls and boys the right way that we should be speaking about each other and that anything is possible for either gender is my ultimate goal.


Future Female style will play an important role in our blog series, I will showcasing women who not only inspire and dazzle us with their stylish lifestyles, but who have made it their mission to embrace positive body image.


I hope you will join me in being the Future Female we want to be, right here right now!


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