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Name : Chu Chu

I just had a good day and wanted to take a stroll in the park next to my university campus. I was with a friend but she was walking ahead of me. There were a group of three boys smoking and sitting on a bench nearby, I think there were probably around 18-ish. As I was walking through the field one of the boys ran up to me, he was holding a 5-pound note. He then proceeds to say 5 quid for a blowjob? I didn’t understand what it was talking about initially, he then repeated himself a second time. I was baffled by what was happening I did not even give him a response directly, he then said ” Nevermind and went back to his friends. I was really upset with what happened after fully comprehending. I talked to my friend about it and she was really upset about what happened as well. I really wish that I fought back, no one deserves to be treated this way! It is not acceptable.